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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Perfect Strangers by Rebecca Sinclair

Title: Perfect Strangers
Author: Rebecca Sinclair
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: ebook, 286 pages
Published:  June 9th 2011 by ePublishing Works
Source: Received for review
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From Goodreads:
Gabrielle Carelton is one of Queen Elizabeth's most devoted ladies-in-waiting. But her loyalty is put to the test when Her Majesty commands her to marry Scotsman Collin Douglas. When Gabrielle is kidnapped by Collin's twin brother, not even Good Queen Bess can save her. Dubbed the Black Douglas, devilishly handsome Connor is known throughout the land for his magnificent feats of strength and cunning. But now he is in need of an heir. An English bride will bring peace to the warring nations and give him the son he craves. What he doesn't expect is a woman as passionate as she is proud and a desire that knows no boundaries. Set against the pageantry and savage splendor of 16th-century England and Scotland, here is the story of a man and a woman who begin as enemies and strangers and find a love that will triumph against all odds.

Queen Elizabeth of England has asked Gabrielle to marry the Scotsman, Colin Douglas, in order to help end an on going feud. Once Gabrielle has accepted her fate, she decides to just be glad she is not marring Colin's twin brother, Conner Douglas, aka the Black Douglas. 

On the other side of things, Conner has decided to steal his brother's bride. Mostly to get back at Colin for the past, but also in effort to make peace with the warring Maxwell clan and benefit with an heir in the process.

This book had adventure, kidnapping, love and love scenes. Gabrielle had low self-esteem and did not view herself very highly, mostly due to the Queen's put downs.  I liked how Connor builds her up and once he gets to know her, he becomes attracted to her for her kindness and passion. Ella is the stubborn, determined cousin and I wish the book would have had more about how her life continues in the closing but maybe we will see a book about her. I also felt the second love scene dragged on and I found myself skimming parts of it. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and I plan to read more books by Rebecca Sinclair. I give this book 4 of  5 stars!

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