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About Me

My name is Candice and I am the Book Diva. I am in my late 20s and yes I am afraid of 30! I currently live in Tennessee, USA. I got married in 2005 to the best husband ever! I am now a stay-at-home mom and at the time being have two kids, Caleb and Emma. I love the color purple, always have, always will! I have to have a  Dr. Pepper fix everyday (unless I’m pregnant), I know I know not the most healthy. Besides reading I have several hobbies: I love pictures so scrapbooking is a big one for me, I also like to sew, I have started a few quilts and I have some quilt tops but I have yet to finish one. I enjoy doing things, seeing new places and spending time with my friends and family. My new favorite toy is my NOOK Color! My favorite time is when I sit down with a good book and escape into another world!

Reading is a passion of mine; I have enjoyed reading as long as I can remember. Although my love for reading has never changed, the kinds of books have. The very first book I can remember reading for my own pleasure was The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, then moved on to the MANDIE books by Lois Gladys Leppard from there I began to read inspirational books. Janette Oak’s Love Comes Softy and Lori Wick became my favorites. As I got more into my teen years I started reading more books like, How To Live With Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind (yes that is the real title of a book). Then started the dating books, to how to plan your wedding, to having a good marriage, to pregnancy, to childbirth, and on to raising a toddler! THEN ?????? yes you guessed it Twilight happened! Twilight was my very first paranormal book and has become one of my favorites, it is defiantly the one I have read the most (I feel like I have to re-read the book each time I watch the movie because so much is left out and the book is SO MUCH BETTER!). I have fallen in love with the paranormal world! Sherrilyn Kenyon, Karen Marie Moning (her Highlander Series is a favorite of mine) and Lydia Dare are some of my favorites.

Historical romance is another world I love. My mom gave me a few Julie Garwood books (this is the same mom who would not let me read romance growing up), and they gave me a love for the highlands and I have read all her books! I also like The Austen Series by Debra White Smith (it’s a contemporary, updated retelling of Jane Austen’s books). I like books with a happily ever after, it adds joy to my life and it’s part of the reason I escape to the book world. If I wanted something different, I would just turn on the news!

I have wanted start a blog for a while, but thought my life is so boring who would read it? I came across a few book blogs, what a good idea! I don’t have many friends who read, let alone read the same books I do. I thought I would start this blog so I could talk about the books I read and find other book lovers. I also just love to share my opinion! I hope you enjoy my blog and follow me through the book world!