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Monday, October 24, 2011

How long after you read a book do you write the review?

Let's see I usually try to write the review right after I read the book so everything is fresh in my mind. Sometimes I will end up starting another book because I just can not wait! Unfortunately, with one book it was weeks later that I started the review...not good. This week I am working on getting my reviews ahead and ready to be posted each Monday! 

What about you and your reviews?   


  1. same ,lol still need to write a review of drink slay love

  2. I SHOULD read it right after but sometimes I finish the book too late in the evening to sit and write or sometimes I finish during nap time and I just don't have time to sit and write it. Then I start reading something else and don't want to stop reading to write my review. Then I finally sit and I don't feel the book as strongly as I did when I first finished it. So I should write it right away, but I rarely do. I write it when the kids are in bed and when I have my writing mojo going. That there is another