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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spoilers in Book Reviews

How do you write your book reviews, with or without spoilers?

Does it depend on the book?

If you write without spoilers, how do you manage to write a review for the last book in a series?

If you included a spoiler, do you put up a warning first?

Is there a secret to writing a good book review without spoilers?

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I have only ever written one review with spoilers because I just couldn't see a way around it. My reviews may contain a few spoilers from past books in the series, but nothing worst than the book's description on the back cover. Otherwise, I try to stay spoiler free because I believe that's what most people want. If I include a big spoiler, I will put a warning. But for the little series spoilers, I don't. To make sure I don't spoil the book, I don't often re-cap the story in my review. I use the Goodreads description for that. If I were to spoil inadvertently, it would be while trying to say what happens in the book. lol

  2. Great questions...I always avoid spoilers in my reviews but if I want to discuss a certain scene I always put a warning on it before posting, that lets readers now it will be a scene spoiler, but thats rare for me...:)