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Friday, July 15, 2011

TGIF {2} Hosted by GReads

TGIF is a weekly feature created and hosted by GReads! that re-caps the week’s posts and has different question each week.

 This Friday's Question:

Book Blogger Appreciation: Which book blogs have inspired you or made a difference in your blogging experience?

Well as you can see by my blog I'm still new at this, it's my first blog ever! So, I'm still searching for some of my favorites. 
The first book blog I came across was The Book Vixen and it inspired me to have my own! From there I came across GReads! and joined the Twilight Re-read. Then I came across Julie at Yummy Men & Kick Butt Chicks, sorry Julie, I'm having trouble writing A** :) Her About Me had me laughing so hard I had to e-mail her! I hope to find more book bloggers who share passions for the same books I do and find more books to read!


  1. Great blog picks!! I love TBV and Ginger...:)

    Thanks for following today, I love the purple ground and your blog header....

  2. Ginger is pretty freaking awesome! Glad to see her on a lot of lists :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your list. Here's my TGIF
    Amy @ www.bookgoonie